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The Mars Review of Books is the world’s premier outsider book review. We have published the likes of Tao Lin, Magdalene Taylor, Sean Thor Conroe, Carlos Dengler, Default Friend, and many more.

Politico has noted that the MRB “takes on the establishment.” Verso Books has called us “the literary organ of Dimes Square” (lol).

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Why do we exist in the first place?

Today, despite the many talented writers on their rosters, mainstream publications find themselves on a race to the bottom, in order to succeed in the politicized, clickbait culture of the internet age. Meanwhile, independent writers outside that system, with insight and expertise on sensitive topics, are relegated to ephemeral media like Twitter and podcasts. The MRB sets out to combine the best of these separate worlds and leave out the worst. It has since become the canonical place to find sense-making on subjects of the public interest and the most interesting place for stylish criticism on literature and art.

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"Life itself is an exile. The way home is not the way back."