Good article. I would say for genetics I would describe "autistic traits". I may write about my own experiences in the future.



I would love to hear from people about this and give me some feedback, I'm fairly new to Substack

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Excellent overview of autism. One area that I would like to see expanded: What are the top three environmental causes of autism and what can parents do to minimize the risk of autism for their children?

I agree about the autism being non-genetic. Having a hundred suspect genes is like having no real suspect. If someone is invetsigating a murder and he has a hundred suspects, it means that he really has no clue who the killer is.

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Halfway through, I have to thank you for this article! This is such an elusive subject and nowadays you cannot hide from it. Friends and friends children will be affected.

Thank you specifically for the references!

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me when i have to kill all my neurotypical/ableminded friends in the great Autism War of 2048 when they have become an oppressed minority :crying:

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